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Short Stems on Reblooming roses

I have beautiful Dolly Parton red roses that produce beautiful long stemmed roses at start of season. After I cut off the dead-heads about 8-12 inches, 2-3 new shoots appear, but only grow about 4-6 inches before forming another bloom. Would like a longer stem on re-bloom - what should I do
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Thanks for writing. Do you see other stems grow after you cut your roses? If so, removing them so you only have one stem producing flowers at a time will help. The more flowering stems the plant produces, the less energy each stem gets.

Also, be sure to keep your roses well fed during the spring and early summer. And make sure your roses are watered adequately and in full sun. The less perfect the growing conditions are, the harder it will be for your roses to keep producing long stems.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, "

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