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Roses that wont bloom

I have 20 roses all types. My problem is i have two that grow so well but i cant seem to get one bloom from them. I fertilize and treat for pest. Ive moved them and still nothing. can you help them to bloom?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Well it would help to know a bit more about these roses. I have two things, though, that it could be. First, roses need 6 to 8 hours of direct sun a day. If they are in the shade they won't bloom. And second, if these are hybrid teas, floribundas or grandifloras it's possible that because these are grafted roses that the top part actually died a long time ago and you are getting rose canes from the lower, wild root stock. I had this happen to me several times when the blooming portion located above the graft died over the winter, but the plants put out lots of growth from below (it's often hard to tell). If your canes are tall and rangy and don't bloom, then they probably never will because this is the rootstock, not the blooming graft. Of course, I'm just guessing here because I don't have much information to go on. I bet it's a root stock problem though. I'd tear them out and replace."

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