rose leaves are being chewed on all over.

I live in the Houston, TX area-- zone 8. This summer we have had several weeks over 100 degrees. My roses in the front yard, are in direct sun the biggest part of the day. It appears that a very busy bug has been chomping on the leaves all over the bush. I don't think there is one whole complete leaf on the bush. Wow is my face red!! Do I prune the bush to "just start all over, plus do the treatment that you recommend"? Thanks for your help. Pam
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Thanks for writing. Without being able to see your rose pest in question, I can't say for sure what the best treatment is. There are some organic sprays that contain spinosad (Captain Jack's is a common one) that will harm only the insects that eat the leaves.

You can prune your rose if you want to --- but it should produce new growth on its own, so there shouldn't be a real need to prune.

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