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Rose just won't bloom

I recently moved into a house in Shiocton, WI. There was a climbing rose whice was infested with bugs at the end of the first year. The following year, I sprayed it, fertilized it and beautiful but no roses. Ok, so how do I get it to bloom?
Submitted by dellast2000

Hi, Well it would help to know what variety of climber you have. First, climbers, like other roses, require a lot of sun to bloom so if this climber is shaded by overhanging trees or buildings it might not bloom. Also, it this plant is very old, it could be that the original plant died some time ago and you are tending shoots from the root graft (most modern climbing roses are actually grafts with a flowering variety fused to a root stock from a wild, very hardy wild type). So, if the top died some time ago, it's possible that the canes you are seeing are from the root stock which will not ever bloom. See if you can see a swollen, ball-like area at the base of the plant (that's the graft). If the roots are coming from underneath the graft it could be that the blooming part of your rose is long gone. Of course, there are climbers that are not grafted so this might not be the problem at all. Without knowing what variety you have, I'm just fishing here.

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I have heard of shocking roses. Where you actually bang around on the base of the plant. I also suggest feeding it Rose food. Water at least once a week but more if dry or windy. If your soil around the plant is bad this will also be a cause. It may be been over fertilized and will need time. Some plants are biannual. If the soil was checked you may find the reason. Roses like acid but too much or too little of either probably isn't good. Also put a circle of epsom salt around the base for bugs
Submitted by kforeman316