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planting bareroot roses

I planted bareroot roses some weeks back in Chicago w/ an eastern exposure in a mix of garden soil, peet and Root & Grow liquid covering the dirt w/ mulch. 1 gets a few more hours of sun. 1 had started to leaf after soaking for a week in a bucket of water. Now after a mild summer w/ plenty of water, they are turning brown some branches are still green, but no new growth. I'm disappointed. What happened? What can I do?
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Thanks for writing. If it was just a couple of weeks ago that you planted your roses, the timing is probably the problem. By this point in the season, the plants have likely used up a good amount of their reserves.

Also: Be sure to keep them moist. In my area (Iowa), we've had a remarkably cool, moist summer --- so a lot of newly planted things never got well rooted. Now that it's starting to get dry, they're suffering because they never had to send their roots deep into the ground in search of water.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, "

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