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planting and caring for miniature roses

"Hi... I live in zone 7 and was given a ""Parade Rose"" in a 4"" container. It's healthy, dark green, and loaded with red roses. Problem: I'm terrible with roses and this one is important because it was given after the death of my sister and I want it to live. Can you help?? -plant inside or out? -repot now or wait since its healthy -what's the best mix and the best fertilizing routine? Thank You Trina"
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Most miniature roses grow best when planted outside in a garden bed. They thrive in the natural sunlight and ample air circulation. After the last chance of frost has passed, plant your miniature rose in an area that receives at least 8 hours of sunlight a day. Water it as needed. Give it a nutritional boost with plant food specially formulated for roses. Follow the directions on the label.

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