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No blooms

I have had a rosebush for over 4 years that will not bloom. It began as a start from an old rosebush that was in my great grandmother's yard that I remember as being covered with small pink roses. It has lots of greenery and grows like a weed. I pruned it down to about 4 feet early this past spring and it has now grown to almost 8 feet tall! It is planted where it gets plenty of sun. But no blooms. What is wrong?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Perhaps your rose is near a turf area that gets fertilized with a high nitrogen fertilizer? Nitrogen pushes plants to produce a lot of green growth at the expense of blooms. Whether it's a high nitrogen problem or just low fertility, it's time to fertilize your rose. Apply a high phosphorous fertilizer like Bloom Booster or Triple Super Phosphate. Look for a formula with a high middle number like 10-30-10 or even 10-60-10. Fertilize once this year and then again in spring.

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