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" I purchased a bare root rose (Grus en Aachen) this spring. It transplanted well, leafed out and had a few beautiful blooms. The area of planting receives full sun for a minimum of eight hours and is incorporated into a perennial bed with a few other shrub roses. Why has this had only a flush of only a few blooms? What can I do to encourage blooms for the remainder of this (wet) season if any?"
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Thanks for writing. If your rose's leaves look healthy, I'd guess your plant is putting its energy into getting established in your garden so it can perform well next year. If this is the case, it's actually a good thing it's not blooming more --- because that means it should do better next year than if it flowered more profusely this year.

I know it can be frustrating, but it's best to think of plants like this as a long-term investment --- put more patience in this year and you'll be rewarded next year.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,"

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