leaves falling of the roses

i have some very lovely roses, but my stems are bare. the leaves have fallen off. could it be the chlorine in the city water? please tell me what i can do to prevent this -tyvm -lillie
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Although rainwater or aged tap water (city water that has been allowed to sit in an open container for 24 hours) are better for plants than fresh tap water, there isn't enough chlorine in city water to damage or defoliate your roses. It sounds like your roses are suffering from a severe case of a fungal disease called black spot. Black spot thrives in wet, humid weather, and can quickly turn from black lesions on the leaves to complete defoliation. Remove all fallen leaves and plant debris now and again in the fall. Your roses will have to depend on their own energy to releaf. You can spray the new foliage with lime-sulfur to keep the disease at bay, but you may have to do repeat sprays every 10 days or so.

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