How do I make my roses grow into a fuller-looking bush?

I am a gardening newbie from Central New York. I have rose plants in a full sun garden by my house that each have different colored flowers and seem to do very well. I would like to have plants that are "bushier" but right now it is a grouping of 3 or 4 "stalks" with a bloom on the end. I have no idea what type they are and whether this is how they should look. Is there a way to make them more "bushy"?

Submitted by eddyfamily2011

You can control the shape of your rose bushes by pruning. If you cut the canelike stems back to within a foot of the ground, they normally will develop several new shoots below the cut, resulting in a branched plant that looks bushier and fuller. If the rose bushes bloom just once per year, prune them right after they bloom. If they repeat bloom, the best time to prune them is in late winter.

Answered by DSchrock

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