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Growing Roses from seed

What is the best way to grow Roses , starting from seed ??

Submitted by taymasstacys

Hi, To be honest, I don't recommend starting roses from seed. It's a slow process and you're not likely to get a plant that looks like the parent if you are dealing with hybrid roses. You could raise hundreds of new seedlings and find out that they don't bloom well or are of an odd color. If you want to propagate an old-fashioned, non-hybrid rose, then I recommend you start new plants from stem cuttings. Just keep in mind that if you are working with grafted roses, the new rose  you start from a cutting might not be as hardy in your area. Grafted roses have modern tops grafted onto very hardy, wild rootstalks.  Only old-fashioned types work well from stem cuttings. Another good way to start old-fashioned types is by layering them. Take a branch still connected to the mother plant and pin it to the ground, covering parts of it with soil. Knick the stem slightly at every spot where you've put soil over the branch. Leave this in place and it's likely that by the end of a growing season you'll find roots growing at each place you've knicked. At that time you can sever the section and replant someplace else.

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