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ground cover and dingy rose colors

2 questions: one side of my house is a slope about 5 feet wide and the length of the house and very hard to get to with a lawn mower - has a retaining wall as the outer edge - hot, dry and bad soil - since it's a side area no one really sees it but I want more than just dirt - any suggestions? Also, my roses this year have dingy looking outer edges on the petals - how can I correct this?

Submitted by pwalpert2805518

If only the edges of the rose petals are affected by browning, the cause is likely high temperatures and/or low humidity during development of the flower.

For ideas on ground covers that might work at your site, go to the advanced search option of our plant encyclopedia and select groundcover, drought tolerance, and indicate what Zone you live in (or just type in your zip code if you don't know).

Answered by DSchrock

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