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floribunda or grandiflora

"What is the difference between a floribunda rose bush and a grandiflora rosebush? I think I have a couple in my yard. I thought when I planted them they were hybrid teas, so now I am careful to read the label when I purchase a new rose. They are all beautiful and great bloomers. Jane Cappello"
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Floribunda roses are compact, hardy roses with flowers in clusters, that mostly bloom throughout the season. They are very suitable for smaller spaces. Examples include 'Betty Prior' and 'Iceberg'. Grandifloras are similar but with clusters of larger flowers, generally on borne on long stems,  because hybrid teas are in their parentage. The plants tend to be tall with upright growth. They also bloom over a long season. Examples include 'Cherry Parfait' and 'Glowing Peace'.

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