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Climbing rose bushes leaves are lite yellowish/white and some new leaves and rose buds are droopy!!! Please Help

I have 2climbing rose that r growing well but one has very lite colored yellowish /white leaves and the other is fine .They grow about 4 foot apart. The one with the whitish leaves also has some droopy new growth leaves and small buds that droop. The same bush does have regular colored leaves & rose buds are fine. Just wondering if they r not getting enough water or to much or is something else wrong. I haven't fertilized them yet.I planted them 3 years ago. Thank You

Submitted by dizzyrea

Your description of light yellow or whitish leaves on your climbing rose does not sound like a common pest problem. It also doesn't sound like a moisture problem. However, it could be environmental (that is, a reaction to cold temperatures). I suggest you trim out the affected portion of the rose and let the normal appearing portion take over.

Answered by DSchrock

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