Can we move our climbing roses?

"Our house has three climbing roses on the property. None of them has anything to climb on because of where they are planted. We would like to move them against our fence so they can climb the lattice. Can we move them now, or will this harm them?"
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The best time to move roses is when they are dormant or growing slowly. In most areas this is during the winter or early spring. Prepare the soil in the new bed by digging in rotted manure and compost to a depth of 12-18 inches. When you dig up the roses, take as large a root ball as you can move-the less you damage the roots, the better. Fertilize with a bit of slow-release fertilizer made for roses, if you wish. After replanting them, prune off any damaged canes, and mulch around the bases. They should do well in their new location as long as they receive full sun.

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