brown spots on rose bush

I have a rose bush that I transplanted from my mother's garden. It did very well for a couple of years. Last year it had brown spots on some of the leaves, so I removed those leaves. The brown spots have returned again this year. I have sprayed the plant with Immunnox 3 in 1 several times this year and the spots keep coming. I trim the brown spotted leaves off.
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"Are the brown spots a deep brown, almost black? If so, your roses likely are being affected by a fungal disease called black spot. A fungicide such as Immunox can prevent black spot, but it needs to be sprayed frequently to protect the foliage, especially when conditions are wet and humid.

If the brown spots are light tan, it may be insects such as rose slugs (actually a type of sawfly) feeding on the leaf surface and in the process removing the green tissue with chlorophyll. Check the plants closely for the presence of insects and treat with an insecticide if they are present."

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