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Black and yellow spots on rose leaves

Black and yellow spots are appearing on my rose leaves. What is the cause of this?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

This is a fungal disease called blackspot of roses. It's most severe in hot, humid, rainy weather. Some varieties are quite susceptible to the fungus; others extremely resistant. You can spray susceptible plants with a fungicide to prevent development of the disease. (It requires repeated sprayings throughout the summer.) Or consider replacing your susceptible rose with one that has good resistance to the disease.

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I live in Scarsdale, NY and we had a very wet spring and summer.....consequently I have lost many roses to Black Spot. I have gathered up all the contaminated mulch and a layer of dirt under these roses but now what do I do with the diseased dirt and mulch? I have several large bags of it and I sense it should not go into my compost pile. Will garbage collection take dirt?
Submitted by robinbrynt