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Best plan for planting

I just moved to Broomfield, CO and have never grown roses here. What is the best way to plant roses in this climate to ensure success?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

To choose varieties that will do well in your climate, go the American Rose Society Web site ( and look at their 1-10 ratings. Any rose rated high does well in almost any climate. Also, go to your local public gardens and see which varieties they are growing; these types will do well in your new yard. In hot summer areas, roses do best with some midday or afternoon shade so their colors don't fade. Keep roses away from heat-reflecting walls. They also might grow more rapidly in the heat, and bloom best in spring and fall. Don't be surprised if mid-summer production flags. That said, we don't have some of the pests here in the West that bother roses in other areas, so yours should thrive.

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