Are there roses that will do well both in Minnesota and Texas?

During the summer I live in Minnesota, but I spend the winters in south Texas. Are there any roses that will do well in both locations?
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All the TLC in the world won't make a warm-weather rose flourish in the far North. Conversely, a rose bred to withstand extreme cold may not take kindly to southern heat and humidity.  The deep-pink-flowering climber 'William Baffin' (Zones 2-9), one of the Canadian Explorer series of roses developed specifically for northern climates, blooms repeatedly and has no trouble bouncing back when the thermometer plunges to -40 F. Equally cold-hardy are Dr. Griffith Buck's introductions, including 'Prairie Princess' (Zones 3-9), a shrub that bears semidouble coral-pink blossoms over a long period. Both will grow in the South but may not thrive as well as roses bred specifically for southern climates. Down South, the fragrant Cherokee rose (Rosa laevigata, Zones 7-9) blankets hillsides in single snow white blossoms in spring. Creamy pink 'Souvenir de la Malmaison' (Zones 6-9) blooms repeatedly throughout the season. Richly scented fully double blossoms make this Bourbon rose one of the glories of the southern garden; a climbing form is also available.

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