Are my double knock out roses dead or just dormant again? They were growing for a week & then a very light frost & now some have 6" of growth & buds, some have green branches but no growth, & some have all black branches or are turning black. Help!

Planted 2' tall dbl knockout roses last August along house & sidewalk in MN. 5" mulch & topped with leaves. Shoots in warm April so pruned, fertilized, & all were growing. Week later light frost & leaves shriveled so removed them. 5 kept growing & have huge buds, 7 look dead with part green & black branches. Waited a week then pruned bad ones to 8", mild fertilizer, but nothing. Now 5 have all black branches and 2 have green branches but no growth. Did they die or just dormant again? Thanks!

Submitted by sjkingfl

Hi, Well there's no way of knowing for sure. That late frost did a lot of damage in my garden as well. Certainly the black stems are not going to come back. They aren't going dormant if they are black and should be replaced.

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