Sunburst African Daisy(osteospermum)

I bought yellow African Daisies. They are dying. It says to prune lightly after flowering to maintain shape and extend lifespan. What does that mean? They're planted in a large flower pot. I live in an apartment.
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There might be one or more circumstances that are causing your African daisies to die. Are you growing them as houseplants inside your apartment, or on a shaded terrace? This plant requires full, all-day sun. In addition, the soil must be very light and well-draining. You could add peat moss and/or perlite to improve drainage. African daisies actually prefer poor soils and hot conditions. If you have had a humid summer or are keeping them too moist, that could be the reason they are dying. Let them dry out before watering again. As to pruning, Osteospermum should be pruned in spring before summer bloom. I think the instructions should read "deadheading" - just snipping or pinching off the spent buds - not pruning, to keep them blooming through fall.

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