Pruning of Chinese Lilac

I have two Chinese Lilac plants/bushes? Now that they are done blooming and before fall, how do I go about pruning them. Please note the instructions that came with plant are very vauge. I would like as precise instructions as possible. Thank you.
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Thanks for writing. If you're happy with the plants and their size, then there's no reason to prune them. That is, unless there's dead or diseased branches, which you should always remove.

If the plants are too large for their location and you need to prune them for size, there are a couple of ways you can prune them. The method I like to use is to cut out some of the branches to let more light to the inside of the plant and then shorten the remaining branches by whatever length you need. The plant will look best if you make each cut right above the pairing of a leaf and the stem or where another branch comes out of the stem.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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