pruning knockout rose bushes

Are you suppose to cut back back the knockout rose bush?
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Thanks for writing. In your area, you probably don't need to prune your roses except any growth that may have died over winter.

If you wish to cut back your roses, you certainly can. Cutting them back will result in a more compact plant.

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I've seen people not heed written instructions on pruning rose bushes and pruned them in the Springtime. I am in NE Georgia and my son/dil are getting all scratched up and muscles hurting from pruning their knockouts. When I lived in another home I just let them grow into high hedge bushes and they were beautiful - never cut them back. Good luck! ec
Submitted by carr_esther
I want to prune back my knockout roses, I am sheduled for shoulder surgery Jan. 24th. I will probably be in a sling and rehab until probably until appox April. Is it to soon to cut my roses back this early. I live in zone 7. Richmond, va. or what is the lasted I can prune them back and how deep ?
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