Peony pruning

We chopped our Peony bush down to nothing in the fall. It's really big and really want to move it. There are no bud or growth of any kind coming back. Should we dig up and transplant now or did we kill it completely?
Submitted by psdhont

Hi, Your peony should be showing up soon. Watch for its red buds to begin breaking the soil level in mid-April. You don't say when you chopped your plant back, but the only time you should do that is in the fall after the foliage has completely died back. You can move your peony as soon as you see the red buds break ground. If they begin to form leaves, it's too late and you'll have to wait until fall (the best time to move peonies) after the leaves go dorman. Late September and early October are the best times to move peonies in your area.

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