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How do I prune a hedge?

I have 5 20 yr. old dwarf burford hollies along my driveway. I have kept them trimmed to look uniform. I have noticed that they have very little foliage in the center of the plants. Most of the growth is on the tips and along the outside of the branches. What should I do? Is there a solution or is it time to replace them with new shrubs?
Submitted by janemallon115



Thanks for writing. This is a common situation that you can run into with any type of hedge. Constantly pruning the edges of the plant shades out the middle, and prevents new growth inside the plant.


To keep this from being a problem, try to prune your plants more evenly. Instead of taking all the growth from the tips of the stems, for example, cut some back farther inside the plant so you have an even canopy. It'll make your shrubs look thin the first year or so, but once light penetrates the center of the plant, you should get new growth in there again.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

Answered by CostaFarms

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