How can I strengthen the stems on my roses?

I recently planted some rosebushes. They are doing beautifully except for the stems, which don't seem to be strong enough to support the flowers. What can I do to keep them from drooping?
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Inadequate sunlight may cause roses to produce thin canes and mediocre blooms, so make sure your roses receive at least 6 hours of sunlight each day. Droopy canes also may occur when rose plants are immature, before they have developed stems thick enough to support a full set of blooms. Perhaps your roses' stems will eventually become sturdier. Frail canes also may be the result of improper pruning. When planting new roses, be sure to remove any weak, twiggy canes at the base. Each year when you prune your roses, continue taking off the weak canes so the plant will direct its energy to vigorous shoots. Skinny canes grow poorly and produce fewer flowers. Light pruning results in a greater number of canes per plant, but most of the canes will be smaller and weaker. Heavy pruning will encourage fewer but stronger canes from the base of the plant.

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