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I have a small garden growing with a tomatoe tree, a cucumber plant and a cantaloupe plant along with peppers and other herbs. I live in Bermuda and they are growing beautifully. I just have one problem and that is they are growing out of control. They are overtaking the other plants. I would like to know the best way to prune or cut them down so that I don't kill them just maintain them in their own space so that they don't keep growing out of control. Should i just cut off the tops????
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Thanks for writing. The problem with pruning your tomatoes, cucumbers, and cantaloupes is that you'll get less produce from them if you cut them back. But you can certainly prune them without fear of killing them --- you can cut back the main stem, if you wish (it will encourage the growth of sideshoots), or remove some of the sideshoots so the main stem keeps growing. Either way works.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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