Can I start new gooseberry bushes from cuttings?

Can I start new gooseberry bushes from cuttings?
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Just follow these steps. When the plants have lost their leaves in autumn (or even if there are a few leaves left), take cut-tings of the healthy new wood. Avoid using shoots that appear to have holes in them (which could be infested with borers) or shoots that had disease-infected leaves. Each cutting should be at least 6 inches long. Choose a protected spot in a flower bed and push the cuttings into the soil so only one-third of the length is above the soil. Space the cuttings 6 inches apart. Mark the spot well. In spring, the cuttings should be rooted and beginning to grow. Care for them throughout the sum-mer; by the end of the season, they may be as large as 1-2 feet tall. In early autumn, dig the shrubs and plant them in permanent locations. In areas with especially cold winters (north of Zone 5), wait until early spring to transplant the shrubs.

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