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A large yucca plant that I inherited has a lot of dead leaves at the bottom, and since it is planted on a slight slope, the root ball is protruding approx 4 inches above grade. I am planning to build a stone ring around the plant (with 12-14 inches clearance past longest leaf tips) and back fill good draining potting mix, topping it off with mulch (instead of the gravel that's there now). I also plan to remove the dead leaves with my pruners. Am I on the right track?
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If the root ball is exposed, adding more soil up to the previous soil level should cause no problems, especially if you use a well-drained soil to backfill. However, avoid filling in around the plant so that the root system is buried deeper than it was originally growing. Yuccas like it on the dry side. Burying the roots too deeply can suffocate them, and planting in a depression could hold water around the crown and cause rot.

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