Wilting blossoms on dahlias

I have planted dahlia tubers in a large raised bed. Several of the plants have large blossoms, but the stems curve or "wilt" as if there is not enough water in the plant. Then where the curve is, the stem turns black and the blossom dies. The leaves still are very healthy looking. What is causing this and can anything be done to correct the problem? I live in Japan, near Sendai which is North of Tokyo on the Pacific Ocean. I live right on the coast.
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Dahlias are susceptible to a couple vascular wilts---Fusarium wilt and Verticillium wilt. Both of these fungi can remain in the soil for many years, and there is no good fungicide treatment that will control them. Some varieties have more resistance than others, so growing the most resistant types may help.  Otherwise, grow your dahlias in a spot where none have grown for several years, or grow them in a container.

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