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Why is my weigela not flowering?! I live in Portsmouth, England. (If this makes a difference!)

Hi, I have a weigela (not sure which but not variegated) that bloomed lovely mid-pink flowers year before last, not so good last year & NOTHING so far this year. It's about 5ft high by 3-4ft wide. The "trunks" are exposed for the first 2.5ft up. I cut back early summer last year exactly as told but I have nothing. It's just green with no buds. I should be looking out into a cloud of stunning pink but I've just got a green bush! What am I doing wrong or am I just being impatient?! Matt Scott

Submitted by Mascott44

If the plant is growing well, which it sounds like, you may just need to wait.  Not sure what your climate is like there, but here they don't bloom until June.

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