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Why are my hostas turning yellow?

I transplanted my hostas to a new spot a week ago and now they are completely laid over and are turning yellow. What is wrong with them and what do I need to do to help them?

Submitted by amyamarie04

Hi, Well your hostas sound like they went into shock. You don't say how you transplanted them, but if you are sure you moved a decent sized root ball and kept them well watered, they should come back. But, if you didn't transplant them with enough soil and if you didn't keep them moist, they may be too far gone to salvage. Although hostas can be moved at most any time, the BEST time to move them is in the late summer or very early spring. If you move them in the late spring they will survive, but often show the most amount of damage to shock. Keep them moist and see what happens. Also, I'm assuming you didn't move them to a sunny spot. Hostas can't take that much sun and will often turn yellow and die. They are not a sun-loving plant.

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