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Where to plant mosquito fern

I have a mosquito fern taking over my daylilies in a planted area around my deck. What type of location can I move it to so it will not smother my other flowers. It has spread over a very large area and I am not sure how to make sure I have it all out without ruining my daylilies. Should it be planted in an area by itself?
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Does your plant have any other name that you know of? The reason I ask is that the common name mosquito plant is generally used with a floating water plant that's very invasive, but clearly can't be what you have since you are talking about it invading daylilies. If you don't know of another name for the plant, can you give us more information? What does it look like? Did you plant it or is it a native? I'm so sorry I can't be more helpful, but common names are often confusing and not helpful.

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