When to transplant Hostas and how to trim my Clematis

I need to transplant my Hostas and I didn't know when the time was right. Also my Clematis need cut back so I can get them divided cause I have to colors and they look horrible they aren't blooming anymore so I was wondering if I could dig them up and start all over with them. Thanks Dixie
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Hi, Dixie. Transplant your Hostas as soon as the temperatures start to cool down in fall. Shoot for sometime in mid September. Your Clematis project will come in late winter or early spring. Cut them back to 12-18 inches so they'll transport easily to their new spots. Clematis don't respond well to transplanting. In fact, sometimes disturbing their roots can kill them. Dig as big a root ball as you can. When replanting, settle the root ball a few inches deeper than it was planted previously. Pay special attention to your newly transplanted Hostas and Clematis during their first year in the new sites. They may need deep-soaking watering when the weather gets hot and dry.

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