What's Dead heading?

I see terms like dead heading a lot. It seems to be a common phrase. I am a beginner though and I am not versed to the jargon yet. Is there a glossary somewhere of terms? I'm looking for complete explanations with examples preferably, not just definitions that I can't relate to.
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Thanks for writing! Deadheading is a term that means cutting the flowers off a plant once they begin to fade and look unattractive. There are several reasons to deadhead, including: It makes the plant look better; it prevents the plant from producing seed (so more energy goes into the roots); and in many varieties, it will encourage more flowers.

We don't have a gardening glossary on the site --- but that's a very good idea. Thank you for the suggestion --- we'll look into building one!

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com

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