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What plants will keep my deck planters looking beautiful all summer and into fall?

I have some long deck boxes that I typically fill with annuals each summer. They measure appproximately 6 inches x 24 inches and I have 6 of them. In the fall when the annuals have died I'll fill with mums. It gets to be rather expensive always putting annuals in these deck boxes. I'm looking for a solution so that I always have something beautiful in the boxes. It just adds so much life to our deck. Are there any perrenials that would grow well - it's full sun.

Submitted by mmetzger04

Hi, There are hundreds of perennials you can grow in a sunny container, but keep in mind, you'll need to plant a mix of species in order to have a nonstop color show. Perennials won't give you the same impact as annuals. Plus, in your climate, the perennials won't overwinter so you'll have to move them into your garden beds in the fall or let them die like you do annuals. If it were me, I'd stick with annuals, but try some with foliage color such as the new types of sun-loving coleus (Wasabi is my favorite). Or, try the new Sunpatiens impatiens that love sun and offer foliage and flower color right up till frost. Check out our Plant Encyclopedia on this site for perennial or annual suggestions.

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