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What can I plant if my patio is made up of slabs with spaces between them and I would like a ground cover for between the slabs?

My patio is made up of slabs that have spaces between them. I'd like a ground cover for between the slabs. The patio doesn't get a lot of foot traffic and is in full sun. What can I plant?
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Thyme is the most popular plant for growing in such spaces. It thrives in heat, so it’s a good choice for hot, dry, sunny areas in Zones 5-10. Lemon thyme (Thymus Ycitriodorus) has lemon-scented foliage year-round and develops pale lilac flowers in summer. Wild thyme (T. serpyllum) has dark green leaves and purple flowers in early summer. Woolly thyme (T. pseudolanuginosus) has fuzzy gray leaves; plants produce lilac flowers. Several of the low-growing sedums (Zones 4-10) would also be good choices.

Goldmoss sedum (Sedum acre) grows 2-3 inches tall and bears yellow flowers in spring. Dragon’s Blood sedum (S. spurium ‘Dragon’s Blood’) has red leaves and rosy flowers on plants 2-6 inches tall. Rosette-forming hen and chicks (Sempervivum tectorum), hardy in Zones 4-10, is another succulent adapted to sunny, dry sites. Cobweb hen and chicks (S. arachnoideum) has a finer texture and interesting hairy leaves that appear to be covered with cobwebs. It can develop red flowers in midsummer.

Ice plant (Delosperma) grows only 4-6 inches tall and is hardy in Zones 6-10. Plants bloom most of the summer; in warm-winter areas they bloom through the winter as well. Depending on the species, the daisylike flowers may be yellow, deep purple, or red. Thrift (Armeria maritima) forms grassy clumps 3-6 inches tall in Zones 3-10. Pink flowers appear in spring in cold climates and almost year-round in warmer areas.

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on July issue, ther is a patio with ground cover between pavers and is called (Dymondia margaretae)that acts as liging "grout" between pavers. It is on page 89.can you tell me where can I get it?
Submitted by ralphmeraz7