Viola Problem

I love Violas and I have tried planting both the perennials and the annuals and I don't have very good luck with them. I feel that the place that I planted them was right, morning sun until about 12:00 and my soil is rich. Does my soil lack something that they need. I know they grow like crazy for most people. Even the perennials I tried did not come back. I live in Ohio and it wasn't too hot when I planted them but not too cold either. I would appreciate your advice.
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It's hard to say why your violas are not hardy, but they can be picky about hot and cold weather extremes. Here in Iowa, for example, they won't come back for me either. I do get Johnny-jump-ups all over the yard, but the hybrid violas do not really like certain parts of the midwest because of the temperature extremes. Violas are also not long-lived perennials so I would plant them, enjoy their blooms, but not expect them to be a constant companion.

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