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Trouble with Yarrow

I just got some yarrow this year and planted it late spring in the North East. The plant seemed to be thriving, and growing well, the flowers bloomed beautifully, unfortunately around mid September the flowers started to turn brown, and now none of the flowers look the way they should (I really wanted to clip and dry the flower heads for indoor use). Is this normal behavior for transplanted yarrow? I planted them in a full sun spot, was that the wrong location?
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Thanks for writing. If you wish to dry the flowers, you'll want to cut them while they're showing good color and hang them in a warm, dark place to dry them. If you leave them on the plant, they'll just turn brown as you've discovered. Also: By cutting the blooms to dry them, you stimulate the plant to produce more. If you keep cutting them, you can get three or even four flushes of bloom from some types of yarrow.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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