Transplanting in late fall

I live just south of Richmond VA. I am moving to a new home and would like to dig up some of my plants and transfer them to my new home. I am moving Nov 1st. Can I tranplant my plants this late in the fall? I have a gorgeous hydrangea, day lilies, cone flowers, columbine, iris, hostas and rosemary.
Submitted by rz'smumi

Hi, I'm so sorry we're just getting back to you, but our Garden Doctor system has been down for a month so we're responding to a lot of backlogged questions. You could probably transplant all of the plants you list if you move them right away and get them settled in before the weather gets too bad. You won't be able to easily hold them over till spring unless you plant them. The only plant in question here is the rosemary. They don't like cold weather so it might not make the move well.

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