Slugs on hostas

We have a lot of hostas, and slugs that just love them. We've tried trapping them with beer in a container, but that hasn't worked for us. Would a band of copper around our hostas help? Can you suggest anything else?
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Maybe you need to switch brands of beer! Research at Colorado State University showed differences in slugs' preference for beer. Most gardeners find beer traps effective in snaring slugs. However, if beer bait doesn't work for you, spread crushed eggshells around your hostas. Slugs don't like crawling over the sharp edges of the eggshells. Iron-phosphate-based baits such as Sluggo, Escar-Go!, and Worry Free are harmless to birds and mammals but take care of slugs right away. Copper can be an effective repellent for slugs. When the slugs crawl across the copper, the moisture in their slime trails sets off an electrical current through the copper. Because slugs don't like to get shocked any more than you or I, they avoid crossing the copper. Of course, if you set up a copper band, and some slugs are already inside it, they won't want to leave either! And a copper band can be expensive for circling an entire garden.

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