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Shade perenials-evening sun

Hi I would like to know a perennial to plant in containers that would only get sun in late afternoon and evening. Can you recommend something colorful, maybe some kind of vine. Thanks
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

How large of a container are you planning to use? Most vines get quite large and would require a very large container to grow in. The vine would also need some type of support on which to grow. Also, how dense is the shade the rest of the day? Few perennial plants or vines flower well in dense shade. You may be better off planting something will colorful foliage that would be attractive all the time. Heucheras and heucherellas would be good choices. You could combine them with a groundcover that would drape down over the edges of the container. Vinca major, lamium, and lamiastrum are possibilities.

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