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Hello, we have just adopted a rambunctious puppy that seems to nibble at everything in the garden...he's even taken to tearing the under mulch material. I have a collection of perennial plants and was wondering which ones are poisonous to dogs. I know to keep away from the digitalis...but what about daylilies? irises? Can you suggest safe alternatives? Thank you Exhausted masters
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Thanks for writing. A relatively large number of common garden perennials are poisonous, including most plants in the delphinium family (delphinium, columbine, monkshood, hellebore, clematis), the pea family (wisteria, lupine, sweet pea, and baptisia), and iris family (iris, blackberry lily). Happily, most of these plants taste bad, so it's relatively unlikely your puppy will ingest enough of the plant to be seriously harmed.

For more on poisonous plants, I'd recommend checking out the following sites:

Thanks for writing. I hope this helps!  

---Justin W. Hancock, Senior Garden Editor,

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