Rust on hollyhocks

Every year my hollyhocks don't do well, they seem to get rust, and never thrive. Why?
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Hollyhocks are notorious for getting rust during hot, humid summers. Two ways to lessen the disease are to be sure and remove all old stalks fallen leaves in the autumn AND water your plants from below to prevent the leaves from getting too wet. This will reduce the chance of reinfestation. And also remove all sick leaves as you see them. Also, don't let plants get too crowded. Unfortunately, it's still likely your plants will get rust unless you use a fungicide every 7 to 10 days once the leaves begin to show (and you still may get some rust). You can find fungicides (read the labels to be sure hollyhocks are included) at your garden center. Some gardeners report that the fig-leafed types of hollyhock are less susceptible to rust than the old-fashioned kind so you might try them as an experiment. In the end, the rust does not kill your plants, it just makes them look really bad.

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