Rolled leaves on hydranga plants

I have Annabelle hydrangeas. I have noticed rolled leaves in quite a few places. I unrolled one and found what looked like a tiny worm with a black head and green body. There also appeared to be a in some of the others a flat bug. Can you help me? To date I have sprayed a soap mixture on them. Thanks, Mary Anne Penzone
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Hi Mary Anne,

Thanks for writing. It sounds as your hydrangeas have a leaf roller infestation. Unfortunately, once it rolls the leaves, it's tough to deal with. If you're seeing just a few affected leaves you can pick them off and throw them in the trash.

Happily, it's easier to prevent this from happening again. Next year spray your hydrangeas with a product such as Bt (a bacterium that only affects caterpillars), neem oil, or a similar product to get the pests when they're young.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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