Rare Flower identification

Can you help me identify the tallest flower in this beautiful garden? (http://garden-photos-com.photoshelter.com/image?_bqG=33&_bqH=eJxtj19LwzAUxT_N.jIKHaM.FPKQJXczuCZr_hTjy2W64gTpoFrQb.9NES26.5D8zrk5uVzMu4_z5.vQ5Lf5S8j7YhR6FOtDqJvqZlWVRbUqqCqF0gl2ulyG5fL5OJy6PlPoJPewKDd1vSglmxlSJkPKmRWpkplusuFvFP5H4XpUKB.nYZ7aCYQJ2tuIypkkjVWgqaeMZi1p5dDCHr It is the small purple one growing even taller than the allium. I've seen it in a garden once and then here in this photo but can't find the name anywhere!

Submitted by brittineminor

When I copied the web address that you included in your question into my browser, I got an error message and was unable to see the photo. I could get to the gardenphotos.com website, but I don't know which section or which specific image it is that you're referencing. Perhaps you could indicate which section to search and include the photo name/description.

Answered by DSchrock

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