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Raised beds

We live in a senior housing complex of 4 connected buildings with lots of landscaped areas. The garden club has been trying to add some more colorful plantings but the ground in very rocky and sandy,zone 5&6.We are considering raised beds and would like to plant them with perennials that can be seen from the apartments of seniors that can't get outside as easily. Water faucets are only located on the 1st & 4th buildings. Is this feasible and if so how deep should the beds be? Sunny.
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Raised beds sound like a fine way to overcome your problem. Most perennials will do fine in beds no less than 12" deep, deeper if possible, especially for deep-rooted plants such as any of the pea family. For the beds far away from the water spigot, select perennials such as achillea, coreopsis, echinacea, gaillardia, gaura, and add some low water need shrubs - caryopteris, buddleia, lavender etc. I hope that you are able to get these beds made as I'm sure it will add greatly to the enjoyment of the residents.

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