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I have a shady small hill with about a 25% slope. I'd like to combine hosta, ferns and maybe some astilbies. Will any one of these eventually over the other if I mix them up on the slope? I'd like to put annuals like impatients and begonia at the front edge for color. There is part of the a rail road tie wall that I want to plant a few things along the edge of it.Thinking of varigated vinca vines at the front so they will trail over the edge of the ties with a row of impatients. Good plan?
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Thanks for writing. Your plan does sound like a good one.

Will any of the plants overcome the others? It depends on what varieties you have and what the conditions are. Some types of ferns, ostrich ferns for example, can be quite aggressive. Some types of hosta will spread quickly as well. But in general, the plants should do well together.

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You can use it it search for shade-loving perennials that are good for your zone. You can also browse our slideshow of top shade-loving perennials:

Thanks for writing. I hope this helps!

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