Primrose's bloom time

How long are primrose's in bloom? Until fall?
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 Thanks for writing! It depends on the type of primrose you're growing. Most of the common true primroses (Primula species) bloom in spring; most evening primroses (Oenothera species), on the other hand, bloom throughout the summer.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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do primroses need to be pruned
Submitted by aponce27
I live in SW Wisconsin and have a garden full of Primroses that look like a rose, are legumes and travel underneath the ground to multiply. They bloom all summer until frost. You need to keep them contained or they will take over your property! I love them. They will bloom, then rest a spell, rebloom and are tough. They will need water once in awhile to keep the blooms going and that is about it. Hope this helps.
Submitted by wisgal3