Plants that grow under oak trees

I want perennials that will grow under a oak tree. I have a flower bed that is under a oak tree and nothing seems to do very good. I hope you can help me. Thank you Carla
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You have plenty of choices from which to select. Oak trees are pretty deep rooted and are not nearly as difficult to dress under as maple for example. This very short list should get you started anyway. Astilbes, hostas, ferns, hellebores, penstemons, creeping phlox, Virginia bluebells, liriope, lilies, hardy geraniums, epimediums, asarums etc. Be sure to keep the bed well watered and apply an organic mulch to slow down water loss. Remember that the oak will be tapping into the same soil moisture as the perennials, so you may need to give them a little extra care, as well as preparing the soil thoroughly prior to planting..

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